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Hunan Aerospace Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Equipments and Special Materials is affiliated with Hunan Aerospace co., LTD. It was founded in 1992 and is located in a national industrial development zone of Lugu in Changsha, Hunan. It is an army-civilian integration and high technology enterprise which has mainly worked on the research, development and production of inertial measurement unit, positioning and orienting devices and optical inertial components.

The Research Institute is existing staff of more than 400 people, the professional and technical personnel is accounting for about 33%, 5 people enjoy government subsidies. It has group company level technical experts, academic leaders of 3 people. It has the complete ability of inertial products research, development, production and detection. Technology talents such as navigation control system integration technology, photovoltaic engineering and optical communication technology, electrical engineering and automation, system test and detection technology are extremely outstanding. It has professional research divisions such as inertial navigation technology research lab., positioning and orienting technology research lab., fiber optic gyro technology research lab., industry research department, etc.

It provided with perfect design and simulation methods such as AutoCAD、Ansys、Pro/E and Matlab, etc. It has a strong ability in machining, radio adjustment, testing and debugging. It has now over 100 major scientific and manufacturing equipments. It also has perfect test and detection ability of high-low temperature, vibration, shock, centrifugal, depression, as well as components inspection and selection.

At present the institute is divided into five series products, including smart sensors, integrated navigation equipments, inertial navigation equipments, integrated navigation equipments, system-level products and other matching products.

The Research Institute has perfect management system and has achieved a number of qualifications. It has National defense testing / calibration laboratory, National defense industry secondary metering station, component testing station of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, The Key Laboratory of Inertial Navigation of National Defense science and technology in Hunan.It is also the high-tech enterprises in Hunan province.

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