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Company Profile
Hunan Aerospace Yuanwang Science& Technology Limited Company is a high-tech company which is focusing on the manufacturing of lighter-than-air(LTA) aircraft and related electromechanical devices. The products of company cover many fields, such as tethered balloon(aerostat), troposphere airship, near space aircraft, electric and control devices, communication equipment and devices, general electromechanical devices, and it is the emerging industry which the country gives key support in recent years, and is also the important part in the development of aerospace equipments industry in China Aerospace Science and Technology Cooperation(CASIC).

Through ten years of independent innovation research and fixed assets input, it has mastered some critical technologies about LTA aircrafts at troposphere, such as overall and structure design, pressure control, energy supply and management, attitude measurement, electric integration, power propulsion, ground mooring and safeguard, envelop manufacture, detection and test and so on, which has domestic leading ability of the LTA aircraft platform development and production. The assembly and adjustment workshop has been built, which is 2900m2, and has more than 20 modern and automatic processing and detection equipments to support, which has the capacity of producing 50 LTA aircrafts per year. The company has perfect management system and has achieved a number of qualifications such as <Military products quality system certification>, <Military industry system safety production standardization certification>, which provide a strong guarantee for the products safety.

During the past ten years, the company has undertaken more than 20 project plans from our country as well as some enterprises, such as “Near Space Aircrafts Platform System” and Auto Control Airship used for Electromagnetic Transient Detection for Chinese Acedemy of Science. Three series products have been finished, such as auto control airship, tethered balloon and near space LTA aircraft. About 100 initiative inventions have been applied, and more than 50 of them have been approved, and one industrial standard is got, which has filled the gap in our country.

The recent developing LTA products in the company are of three kinds: tethered balloon(aerostat), troposphere airship, near space aircraft, the details are as follows:

1.tethered aerostat platform

(1) tethered aerostat platform of small size (YW-1 tethered aerostat)


YW-1 tethered aerostat’s envelop volume is 1300m³, payload weight is 150kg,aloft altitude is 1000m, aloft time is 14~21days.
Applications of tethered aerostat platform of small size: forest-fire prevention, weather exploration, emergent communication, traffic control in city, etc.

(2) tethered aerostat platform of micro size
tethered aerostat of micro size envelop volume is 175m3, payload weight is 80kg,aloft altitude is 2000m, aloft time is 7~10 days.

Applications of tethered aerostat platform of micro size: public security, anti riot, touring, etc.
2. auto control aerostat platform

(1) auto control platform of small size (JZ-22 auto control airship)


JZ-22 auto control airship’s envelop volume is 350m3,payload weight is 120kg,max flight height is 1000m, max speed is 20m/s, max flight time is 3h.
Applications of auto control airship of small size: patrol in city, traffic control, aerial camera and photography, weather exploration, etc.

(2) auto control platform of middle size (JZ-40 auto control airship)


JZ-22 auto control airship’s envelop volume is 4600m3,payload weight is 200kg,max flight height is 5000m, max speed is 70km/h, max flight time is 6h
Applications of auto control airship: geological prospecting, landslip monitoring, etc.

3. near space LTA aircraft platform

The near space LTA aircraft platform’s envelop volume is 14100m3, flight height is 20km, max flight time is 3~5 days, payload weight is 100kg.

Applications: space environment detection, super WIFI coverage, territorial resources detection, GPS, high resolution mapping, meteorological and agricultural data collection, weight payload space transportation, etc.

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