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Company Profile

Hunan Aerospace Magnet & Magneto Co., LTD, founded in August 1995, affiliated with China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), is a military and civilian integration type high-tech enterprise specialized in high-grade magnetic materials, devices and related equipment research, production and operation. The company owns registered capital of 246.98 million RMB, the total assets of 657.79 million RMB, net assets of 324.17 million RMB and more than 800 employees. As a provincial key construction project, Company is located in aerospace high-tech materials industrial park of Wangcheng economic development zone in Changsha of Hunan Province. Meanwhile, Company is the high-tech enterprise in Hunan province, top ten of electronic and information manufacturing industry and the key leading enterprise of billions of material industrial cluster in Hunan province, the energy conservation and environmental protection demonstration enterprise in Hunan province.

Our products include high-grade motor permanent ferrite magnets, speaker ferrite magnets, permanent rare-earth magnets, multi-pole magnets, motor components and other multiple categories with application fields of automobile, energy-efficient appliances, industrial motors, medical treatments, computers, communications and aerospace, etc. With the good quality trusted and praised by customers, our products, widely exported to Europe, America and Asia more than 30 countries and regions, is a leading integrated magnetic products production and operation enterprise.

The company has the only magnetic material research institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) and is a supporting institution of magnetic materials and devices engineering technology research center in Hunan province. Owned over 100 professional and technical personnel of experts, researchers, senior engineer, doctor and master with special government allowances of the state council, our company, applied nearly 100 patents with 5 invention patents, has a strong scientific and technological innovation and technology supporting capability.

Currently, the motor ferrite magnets in our company is mainly based on FB6, FB9 products, mastered the FB12 high performance ferrite production technology. Ferrite magnets ring products such as Y30, Y35 with high-performance have the excellent product consistency and brand reputation. Permanent Sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets with good consistency, high performance and dimensional accuracy, can meet the high motor matching requirements of new energy vehicles and over 2 MW high-power wind turbine. Bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets products have the characters of reliable magnetic stability and performance and high dimensional precision, etc. Samarium cobalt magnets have the characters of high magnetic performance, high Curie temperature, small temperature coefficient, strong corrosion resistance. At present, our company has the production capability of ferrite magnets arc 15,000 tons, ferrite magnets ring 12,000 tons, sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets 2,000 tons and bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets 100 tons, also the capability of motor magnetic circuit design, multi-pole magnets, motor stator, rotor and motor components supporting production.

As the vision of 'create world brand, built one hundred Spacemagnets', our company, with the strategy of 'civil-military integration, innovation-driven, talent thriving enterprise, quality first', is willing to build a domestic first-class military and civilian integration type high and new material industry group and an industry leading enterprise of high performance magnetic materials and devices, finally to realize 'Spacemagnets' as the world's famous brand.

Ferrite Arc Magnets
Aerospace Magnets produces Y30, Y35, Y38, Y40, Y48 series of permanent magnet ferrite magnetic tile products, such as FB6, FB9 and FB12 (TDK, company brand) series brand performance, which has high magnetic performance, stable chemical performance, high and low temperature resistance and other characteristics.
Products Application

Our products are widely used in the field of permanent magnet motor cars, energy-saving electrical appliances, industrial control motors, power tools, magnetic drive and sensors.

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Ferrite Ring Magnets
Our company produced Y30, Y45 and Y40 magnetic ring, which totally adopt large-scale automatic electric kilns, and it is famous and reputable for its high magnetic performance and strong consistency in the acoustic industry.
Products Application

Products are widely used in speakers, motors, stage audio, professional audio, magnetic separation and other fields.

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Sintered Nd-Fe-B

Aerospace Magnets produces N30 to N52, N30M to N50M, N30H to N48H, N30SH to N44SH, N30UH to N40UH, N30EH to N38EH, N32AH and other grades of Sintered Nd-Fe-B with production technology to reach the domestic advanced level.
Products Application

Products are widely used in wind power, hybrid electric vehicles / pure electric vehicles, elevators, energy saving appliances, audio, industrial energy saving motor, aerospace and other fields.

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Bonded Nd-Fe-B

Aerospace provides HT-N4, HT-N6, HT-N8, HT-N8L, HT-N8H, HT-N10, HT-N10H, HT-N10S, HT-N12, HT-N12S other brands bonded Nd-Fe-B with strong design, magnetic properties, high dimensional accuracy, shape large degree of freedom, and good corrosion resistance.
Products Application

Products are widely used in computer peripheral products, office automation products, printers, digital products, high-grade household electrical appliances and automotive industry of precision motors and sensors, etc.

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Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Space Magnets provides XGS28H, XGS30H, XGS400-23 and samarium cobalt permanent magnets which has magnetic properties of higher, high Curie temperature, low temperature coefficient, corrosion resistance etc.
Products Application

Products are widely used in satellites, missiles, aircraft and other aerospace and traveling wave tube (TWT), klystrons, magnetrons, high precision accelerometer electronics and other fields.

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