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Hunan Aerospace Sanfeng Science & Industry Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunan Aerospace Co., Ltd, is a high-tech enterprise specializes in the design, R&D, production and sale of high-end paint and functional materials , which locates in the historical and cultural city of Changsha, Hunan province. Our main products are heavy-duty coatings, high performance coatings, waterborne coatings, and some of which have been successfully applied in the field of civil construction. The company has a strong product development capabilities and production capacity. At present, company has ten professional and technical R&D personnel, including two doctoral degree, seven master degree, and a bachelor degree. The company has 350 flat coating R&D LABS. Including the import of salt spray test chamber, UV aging tester, adhesion tester, gloss tester, gas chromatography, constant temperature and humidity boxes and other large and small equipment more than 50sets. The company has a complete paint formulation design, resin synthesis and performance testing capabilities.

1.Graphene heavy-duty coating

·The main composition
The paint is a two-component heavy-duty coating made up by epoxy resin, graphene nano-materials, anti-rust pigments, organic pigments and organic solvents.

·The main use
The paint is widely used in marine engineering, ships, containers, traffic vehicles, construction machinery and large steel structures and bridges of severe corrosion protection. Especially for metal substrate in the marine environment of corrosion protection.

·The technical performance
Fineness, μm  ≤60       
Solid content, %  ≥70
Impact resistance,cm ≥50       
Adhesion(MPa), level ≥6
Resistance to neutral salt spray(3000h) not blister, not rust,  not fall off; scratches rust width of less than 2mm.

·The product application case of company

Polyasparticpolyurea coating

·The main characteristics
Polyasparticpolyurea coating is a new type of aliphatic, slow reaction, high performance, environment-friendly coating material that appears in the polyurethane industry this year, known as the third generation of polyurea. The products with low VOC emissions of construction, curing time is adjustable, strong adhesion, high hardness, excellent weather resistance and anti-corrosion performance.

·The main application
Polyasparticpolyurea coating mainly include polyasparticpolyurea elastic exterior wall coating and polyasparticpolyurea wear-resistant floor coating。Polyasparticpolyurea elastic exterior wall coating is used for exterior wall waterproof and external wall decoration, it also can be used in large building exterior wall, villa exterior wall, civil waterproof, landscape decoration and waterproof and other fields. Polyasparticpolyurea wear-resistant floor coating used for flat waterproof and floor decoration. It can be widely used in office floor, workshop floor, large building and roofing waterproofing, bathroom and other areas of water

·The technical performance
Fineness,μm ≤40
brasion resistance (750g/500r) g≤0.005
Service life   10-15year
Artificial climate accelerated test,1500h Discoloration of paint film、Powdering one level

·The product application case of compay

Silbond flame retardant insulation waterproof adhesive tape

·The main composition
The product is based on 107 rubber as the matrix, alkoxy silicon as the crosslinking agent, collocation a variety of special functional filler. at the same time, through mixing, extruding the one-component moisture type of strip sheet.

·The main use
The product is widely used in the electrical, cable damage repair, waterproof seal, and civil 10KV below the bare wire and the line of exposed electrical connection point of the insulation protection to further improve the stability of the power system.

·The technical performance
hardness(Shore A) 45±5
tensile strength(Mpa) ≥1.5
extended(%)   ≥350
dielectric constant   3.2-4.0
volume resistivity(Ω.cm) ≥7×1014
dielectric loss tangent  ≤0.003
breakdown voltage(kV/mm)   ≥16
flame retardant grade  FV1
thermal shock(-40~85℃)   no significant change in 200cycles

·The product application case of company

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